The Steps Of Good Computer Security Operations

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A successful BC/DR plan has defined steps within the project that must be defined. We need to initiate the project, identify key business processes, conduct an impact analysis, develop business continuity strategies, identify communication needs, and finally monitor and review the plan.
Mitigating the impact of a disaster be keeping mission critical capability available when needed is key to any BC/DR plan. These plans are often critical to a company and the company 's business model. There is a significant amount of time, money, and physical resources that go in to a successful BC/DR plan.
Background and Significance
The steps we take to create a BC/DR resemble the steps of good computer security operations. Threat evaluation, risk assessment, mitigation, and service priorities, are a few of the computer security operations that directly relate to a good BC/DR plan. When implementing a BC/DR from a administrative standpoint we see a significant shift in focus from computer security to physical infrastructure, backup and restoration procedure, staffing, logistical operations, and connectivity. To ensure the system stays operational in a degraded state a business must address the integrity of the system. Without computer security considerations a BC/DR plan can fail and turn into an unmanageable situation. During a restoration of workstation in a BC/DR plan, it may be possible to get bad data from a location that was not maintained correctly, which could
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