The Steps That I Follow For Requirements Determination

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)The steps that i follow for requirements determination are:
BPA,BPI,BPR are the three major techniques which helps in defining the needs of the new system.
Define the purpose of the project.
Gather information from various sources to better acknowledge the system.
Analyzing the gathered information.
Validate mutual understanding of the requirements.
Stakeholder analysis.

2.The major entities that i would like to consider for my information gathering are Interviews,Document analysis,JAD .These techniques plays a key role in identifying the needs of the new system.
3.By conducting the interview ,i can understand all the issues and can gather various opinions based on the project.JAD is a very useful technique and by JAD sessions ,opinions from business experts can be obtained which helps in further analysis of the system.Document analysis is nothing but study of prevailed material describing the current system and by this one can understand and make modifications in the present new system that is to be developed.
4.Confidential information like trade secrets,business needs,production processes etc cannot be obtained as theory are against the confidentiality agreement.
B)Before implementing this project the first decision that should be made is ,which methodology should be used for this project?
The two popular methodologies are: 1. Waterfall method (Traditional SDLC) 2. Agile method

Waterfall Methodology is a linear approach which contains sequence of events.…
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