The Steps in the Acquisition Process for a Negotiated Best Value Source Selection

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Acquisition is a process that requires teamwork with each individual and/or group working together to ensure that the customer is provided the greatest overall benefit in response to their requirements (best value). Acquisition planning should start once the need for supplies or services are identified. Integrated Product Teams (IPT) should be used when needed to help develop the acquisition strategy. The use of these teams will reduce false starts and delays resulting from unclear scopes of work. In the following paragraphs the steps in the acquisition process will be defined and discussed.
The first step in acquisition planning is market research. Market research collects and analyzes information about the capabilities within the
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There will be some acquisitions were tradeoffs may not be utilized. In such situations where the Government would not realize any value from a proposal exceeding the minimum technical requirements.
The third step is establishing the Source Selection Organization (SSO). SSO’s should be established early in the planning stages. The success of the SSO relies on the skills, expertise, and experience of the members. Representatives from appropriate functional areas such as contracting, technical, logistics, legal, program management, and users should make up the source selection organization. In formal source selection the SSO consists of three entities; 1) Source Selection Authority (SSA); 2) Source Selection Advisory Council (SSAC); and 3) Source Selection Evaluation Board (SSEB). The Source Selection Authority (SSA) can be the contracting officer or a higher level official (agency head or other official) on more complex acquisitions. The SSA is responsible for the proper conduct of the source selection, establishing the SSO, approving the source selection/evaluation plan, solicitation, and consistency within acquisition documents. The SSA selects the successful offeror. The SSAC compares the proposals against one another and provides an analysis to the SSA. The SSEB evaluates the proposals. The SSEB is made up of multiple groups of evaluators
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