The Stereotypes Of Fat Women

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Being fat is not tolerated by any culture, because it is different and it does not agree with the social norms. Fat people are constantly shamed and made to feel bad about themselves and their weight overall. However, what society feels to realize is that not everyone can be skinny, no matter how hard people try to look like Americas Next Top Model its hard and it is not physically possible. As a result of society blindness to the fact that no two people can be the same size when it comes to weight, fat people are bullied, looked down upon, and often times are stereotyped. However, being a fat women is different from being a fat man. Being fat and a women is shameful in the eyes of many, because women are never supposed to let themselves get fat. Women are supposed to be…show more content…
Many factors contribute to people being overweight, obese, but society does not look at it that way. People think being fat is contagious. But the “It’s a Big Fat Revolution,” is not going to allow society to continue tear down fat people any more. It is not going to allow people to feel like you cannot be fat and beautiful at the same time, and it is not going to allow society to dictate when, why, and how I should lose weight and what size I should be. The revolution wants to let people of all sizes know that it is okay to be fat and society should go to hell with its morals, because no two bodies are the same. In conclusion, Nomy Lamm wants women to know that being fat is okay and its what sets you apart from the rest of the world. Many people won’t accept the fact that you are fat and will constantly want you to change who you are, but to hell with them if you are happy that’s all that matter. The purpose of the fat revolution is to also let women that trying to living by societal norms causes more harm to them then just being who you are and accepting it. Being fat is ok and if you are ok with the way you are then nothing else in life
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