The Stereotypes Of `` Stuff Asian People Like `` And The Anglo Saxon Legend Of Beowulf '

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Asians are typically loud especially when we are on the phone because we do not take insights of our surroundings. This is one of the biggest stereotypes about Asians out there. According to a 2008 online article called “Stuff Asian People Like” written by Peter; states that Asians tend to be loud due to adversity. We were compared to the Anglo-Saxon legend of Beowulf. “Asians are actually peaceful looking “creatures” who are soon to be evolved into creatures of such legends like Beowulf”. According to Peter, we are compared to Beowulf because when Asians tend to talk loudly, it is as if we are screaming at the top of our lungs while trying to kill someone as Beowulf; a barbaric warrior would do. Peter also states that Asians tend to speak out loud due to the fact that we are stressed out in life. Peter is really basing this stereotype off of some kung fu movie, because we all know it is true that when someone like Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee starts fighting, they tend to pull out some loud grunts. Also the article states that we speak loudly because we are not able to express our opinions due to communism laying a barrier on our world and once we hit America, we are loud due to that barrier being lifted. What a big load of lies. I say it is a lie because I used to visit my country of Vietnam back then, and Vietnam is a huge communist country, yet I have seen many people especially other ethnic Asians visiting the country talking extremely loud. Voicing opinions are one thing,
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