The Stereotypes Of The Video

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A. Stereotype / pg. 110: Assumptions of what people are like, whether true or false. Stereotypes have been around longer than America has. In this century every type of person has a stereotype. Some positive and some negative. The stereotype to highlight pertaining to the video is about the Latinos. Most Latinos are assumed illegal immigrants because a lot of them don’t speak English and if they do it is not very well. Another factor to add in is that a lot of Latinos work landscaping under the table. That is across America, now to talk about the areas around the boarders of America. Every day thousands of Latinos try to cross the border illegally. So the stereotype may have more truth down there but it is still not completely true. The fact is every darker skin colored person will be pulled over near the borders either by the county police or the border patrol. B. Role Performance / pg. 111: The ways in which someone performs a role; showing a particular “style” or “personality”. The role of an illegal immigrant is simple. The reason why is because of their style. Illegal immigrants will hike to certain points on their side of the border and strip completely naked. Then they put everything into a garbage bag. After this they blow air into the bag then tie the bag with one shoe’s lace. The other lace will then be tied around the person and then the bag. This way their clothes will not float downstream and leave them naked and broke. If they do not
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