The Stereotypes Of Top Gear

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In 1997 the first episode of Top Gear was launched, at that time it was a conventional motoring magazine show. However, after the 2002 relaunch, the show has made a huge transformation into a more humorous and controversial show. With an estimated 350 million views per week in 170 different countries, Top Gear is a fine example of how mass media is used to persuade and inform large audiences, conveying many ideas both motor related, and non-motor related. The show has been made famous by three iconic presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, for their obnoxious manner and use of language, speaking their minds without thinking twice about offending any potential viewers. Over the years, their comments have offended multiple racial groups, from American to Germans, as well as viewers of different genders.

Racist comments are probably the most frequent type of ‘humor’ found on Top Gear. The three presenters’ patriotic feelings and
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Top Gear is a show watched by many for its comedic value, entertainment, and highly opinionated views. However, many of the comments made by Top Gear are highly offensive and inappropriate to the extent where even those not concerned by the comments feel disgusted or compassion. However, hypocrisy is common amongst viewers as many will laugh at the stereotypes of others whilst feeling insulted from comments relating to themselves. Top Gear isn’t a show for everyone, but those who are easily offended should maintain their distance from the issues raised from the brash, cocky and arrogant style of the trio. The style of Top Gear’s humor is frowned upon and seen as cheap and unacceptable by many in today’s society. The racist remarks made by Top Gear are cheap jokes made to get a laugh without considering the racial groups they are making fun of. This is a self-centered act which should not be allowed on national television, let alone international
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