The Stewart B Mckinney Homeless Assistance Act: a Policy Analysis

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Running head: MCKINNEY ACT The Stewart McKinney Homeless Assistance Act: A Policy Analysis Janelle Horton & Amy Lakin Cornerstone University Introduction Homelessness has always been a problem for the United States. Since its birth as a nation, there have consistently been individuals who find themselves without a place to live, looking for shelter with family, friends, or simply anywhere they can find it. These individuals have been targeted as candidates for social aid, but this was primarily provided by churches and other care organizations. However, in the past thirty years the homeless population has increased almost exponentially in numbers. While the cause of this is undetermined, it is quite certain that while the…show more content…
Subtitle C set up the Supportive Housing Demonstration Program, providing funds to housing that is established to address a specific special need. Supplemental Assistance for Facilities to Assist the Homeless, Subtitle D, appropriates funds to meet needs not met under ESG or the Supportive Housing Demonstration Program, while Subtitle E was labeled as Miscellaneous Provisions, giving assistance to the renovation of single-room-occupancy housing for the homeless. Title V stated that federal agencies were required to provide unused federally owned buildings for states and cities to use for the assistance of the homeless. Title VI established a program to provide health programs for the homeless, with funds distributed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS). Subtitle B, titled Community Mental Health Services, created a block grant program through HHS and funds for mental health services for the chronically mentally ill homeless, drug and alcohol abusers. Title VII created programs for job training, community services and education of both children and adults. Subtitle B is considered one of the most important parts of this act, stating that all states must provide homeless children with free public education. Title VIII provided for the food assistance of the homeless. It amended the Food Stamp Program, making eligibility easier for the homeless. Title VIII also distributes additional surplus food to the states. Title IX, the final

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