The Sticky Situation of Chewing Gum in School

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I think we should be allowed to because it helps with focusing on so many things. Research shows that chewing gum in school can help you concentrate, and remember things better. So many people say it shouldn’t be allowed in schools because of irresponsible students. They are scared that they will dispose the gum in the wrong places. The delicious treat that many people like to chew on is a great thing for schools everywhere! Students should be allowed to chew gum in school.
Chewing gum at school can help with memory loss. While chewing the gum, it helps you concentrate for longer periods of time. Different research studies all came out with the same outcome in the end. It was that chewing gum helped students remember the correct answers to everyday tests. The continuous motion of opening and closing of the jaw helps with memory. The hippocampus is the area of the brain that helps with memory, and it improves when you’re chewing on something. Also it takes away sleepiness, so students would be able to work for longer periods of time. Craig Johnston, PhD, an instructor of pediatrics- nutrition at the Baylor College of medicine, led a study with 108 8th grade students. (Hendrick, 2009) He did this to see if chewing gum really did help in school. Johnston split the group into two groups for the study. One group chewed Wrigley’s sugar-free gum while doing homework, while the other group didn’t chew gum while…
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