The Stigma And Usage Of Recreational Drugs

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The city of Philadelphia’s recent policy changes regarding the stigma and usage of recreational drugs has shown a positive impact on the community through decrease of incarcerations and medical advancements. This essay argues that although state and local policy changes have shown to be more effective than it’s predecessor set by the Nixon administration, federal oversight and involvement is still crucial to the success of applying a drug policy onto any type of population. Recreational drugs, or otherwise known as club drugs are often described in American media as: Drugs that are used primarily in venues where dancing takes places. Most studies and news reports in the United States on club drugs- particularly MDMA (ecstasy, E), crystal…show more content…
The administration’s expectations were simple. “…policymakers believed that harsh law enforcement action against those involved in drug production, distribution and use would lead to an ever-diminishing market in controlled drugs such as heroin, cocaine and cannabis, and the eventual achievement of a ‘drug free world,” (Global Commission 5). While the administration thought brute force would put a swift end to the increase in drug use, the opposite occurred. Combined with the other nations that pledged alongside the harsh law enforcement action, drug usage increased across the board from 1998 to 2008: Opiates usage by 34.5%, Cocaine rose 27%, and Cannabis rose 8.5% (6). Current drug policies were proving to be ineffective, but the federal government took no immediate action to make changes: An analysis of the last 10 years alone shows a large and growing market. In spite of the increasing evidence that current policies are not achieving their objects, most policymaking bodies at the national and international level have tended to avoid open scrutiny or debate on alternatives (6). When the federal government’s approach to handling the growing drug epidemic showed no improvement, local governments started to take power over the situation through the use of state laws, penalties, and city policymaking. While the city of Philadelphia follow federal rulings and Pennsylvania’s state laws, city politicians work to adopt new policies that
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