Essay on The Stigma Attached to HIV and AIDS

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Stigma and seroconversion are a few familiar words that come to mind when dealing with HIV/AIDS. These are a few processes that people go through when they are indentified as being HIV positive. This is when their life on whole comes into contrast. This is so because people often take things like sex for granted and it is because of this some can’t live a healthy lifestyle. Just imagine finding out that you are positive. How will society accept you? What about the stigmatization that one goes through. Can you imagine the physical, mental and emotional torments of the person’s life? Many people are left to walk in shame because of the fact that people usually do little to educate themselves about the virus. Even with the awareness of how …show more content…
Over 65 million people have been infected since the beginning of the HIV/AIDS pandemic over two decades ago, but these statistics are not a true reflection of the actual numbers because many people live unknowingly with the virus. Why are the true numbers not reflected in statistics? There are many reasons that cause the true numbers not to be reflected such as the unwillingness to get tested or even not seeing the need to get tested therefore we see wrong results of statistics. It becomes impossible to get the actual number of Infected people when many people do not get tested. This is because of the ignorance of people. They often think that they are in love with an individual so they get the idea that they can have unprotected sex. The problem that arises is that one may not know how many sexual partners their significant other may have had. This then becomes a risk that can be very detrimental to physical and emotional health. It is very important that sexually active people be enlightened about their status. Knowing that you are H.I.V positive puts your life into a different perspective. It leads people to wonder if they would be accepted in society and ask themselves; what will people say? This usually causes psychological strain on an individual. The individual would then have to live with the fear of being taunted and ridiculed. A great example of
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