The Stigma Of Marijuana Should Be Legal

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A. Ganga. Dank. Pot. Bud. Mary Jane. The stigma surrounding marijuana may be a toxic ideal and completely inaccurate. Could the legalization of cannabis actually be helping the states that have already made the jump to legalization?
B. A federal law was passed in 1937 making the possession and sell of the plant genus cannabis illegal. Medicinal marijuana has been legal since as early in 1996 in California via state law. Across the United States, 24 states allow cannabis for medical reasons and four allow marijuana for all purposes, including recreational. Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Colorado and Washington D.C. are all states that allow the drug to be used for purposes exceeding medical needs. These states can be used as examples as the rest of the country decides to legalize the plant or allow the federal law to remain in effect.
C. Recreational Marijuana should be legal because it has been proven to lower crime rates, create valuable jobs, and generate millions in tax revenue.
II. Many experts believed that legalization of recreational cannabis would create an increase in crime, but the data is showing otherwise.
A. Using Colorado, Washington and other states that have legalized recreational marijuana, we can take crime data from the years previous to the change and compare them to the current and changing data in these states.
B. According to statistics compiled by the DPA, in the first 11 months of 2014, the rate of violent crime fell 2.2 percent…

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