The Stigma Of Mental Health

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INTRODUCTION The stigma in the mental health system is deeply rooted and its origin goes back by centuries. The stigma is powerful that it has been codified in federal since last 50 years. But the realization that the stigma attached adversely affects mental health care system is still lacking. The discrimination against mental illness has invaded the systemic structure causing more worries to sufferers of mental illness and their families. While every individual and system is well aware of mental illness and the biggest constraint in its prevention, there is a huge gap between literature and real practice (Kelly et al, 2010). This essay is a reflection on two newspaper articles on schizophrenia to provide a brief account of personal observation, common misconceptions, scientific truth and mainstream issues that needs an immediate attention. PERSONAL OBSERVATION The very right question which I personally believe every individual should ask of them before jumping into any conclusion on schizophrenia is why and how they are different. There is a little difference between schizophrenic people and common mass, although the effects of being schizophrenic are risky as compared to effect of actions by common mass. I am privileged to spend some time with schizophrenic patients. The actions carried out by them are oriented towards fulfilling their wishes, dreams, wants, etc. But what makes them different is their illness that distorts their actions and lands them into trouble. The

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