The Stigma Of Mental Illness Essay

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Mental Illness is a universal health issue which causes mass amounts of suffering amongst the general population. It can become a majorly debilitating when subjected to a psychiatric illness, however, this is not entirely due to the undesirable symptoms from the conditions themselves but also the stigma that’s inherently linked to the label of being “mentally ill”. The negatively stigmatized views cause shame, ostracism, and marginalization among the mentally ill and some even describe the consequences of stigma as being worse than the condition its self (The, 2016). Because of this, those in need of help often refrain from seeking treatment in order to avoid being diagnosed and becoming susceptible to the stigma associated with the label. It’s estimated that in any given year 30% of the global population will be affected by a mental health disorder and two-thirds of these people will not seek the care that they require (Ngui, Khasakhala, Ndetei & Roberts, 2010). Stigma has been shown to be a clear barrier that is partly responsible for this lack of help-seeking behavior (Wrigley, Jackson, Judd & Komiti, 2005). Therefore, health organizations need to look at anti-stigma programs that break down these barriers that restrict the mentally ill from seeking treatment.

Stigma occurs through the labeling of an individual as undesirable due to certain abnormal characteristics they acquire. In the case of mental illness psychiatric symptoms, social skill deficits, and physical

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