The Stigma Of Mental Institutions

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Introduction: Main stream media has contributed to the stigma of mental institutions of being a place where violent criminals are housed and treated to horrified surgical experiments by mad scientists. Unfortunately, the stigmas associated are both true and false. Hollywood 's representation of the mentally ill are perpetrators of crimes that are unexplainable. Some may be suffering from schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, PTSD, psychotic killers that follow the path of a mentor. The list unfortunately goes on. These individuals are usually placed in a mental asylum that houses thousands of mentally unstable patients that under go various treatments such as shock treatment or lobotomies. Many forget that Hollywood 's " goal is to entertain people, not teach them"(Uwujaren). What is portrayed isn’t the entirety of the truth, and many fail to understand that. Due to the increasing concern of ignorant populations deeply in betted with a cultural fear, the protests to close down these mental institutions were hard to miss. Many had subjected to disagree with the many methods of treatment or lack of treatment there of. Deinstitutionalizing of mental institutes had begun in 1955. In a report by John Wiley & Sons, " approximately 763,391 severely mentally ill people (over three-quarters of a million) are living in the community today who would have been hospitalized 40 years ago." (New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1997). There were also others who had insisted on keeping
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