The Stigmatization Of People With Mental Illness

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Literature review:
Social psychologists view stereotypes as knowledge structures learned by others; including blame and dangerousness. Yet not all types of stereotypes result in negative emotional reaction only. For example saying that “All Japanese people are smart “ However, when people prejudiced by endorsing judgmental stereotypes such as saying “All Arabs are terrorists”(Corrigan , Larson&Rusch,2009 ). Likewise,
People with mental illness experience negative stereotypes. Such as stigmatization and ostracism from society. Stigmatization is a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance .It can result from various factors such as personality traits and abnormalities such as overt or external (Hasa, 2015).People with mental illness are mostly stigmatized because they are labeled as “mentally ill “ or because of a certain behavior they manifest clearly indicates that they belong to that group. Stigmatization of people with psychological disorder is caused by the public misconception and lack of knowledge regarding people with mental illness or. In addition, those who are less educated people perceive the people with mental illness more negatively compared to those who are more educated. Therefore when people labeled as mentally ill, it leaves a negative effect on public attitudes towards them clearly
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THE THESIS OF THIS literature review presents the impact of stigma on people with mental illness, by mentioning two main effects of stigma self-stigma and effects public stigma .The
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