The Stoat Essay

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The Stoat Discuss the theme of death as portrayed in the short story the stoat by John McGahern. B1 - The students mother die, how she dies and why B2 - Death of Ms. MaCabe dream to marry the student father B3 – Death of the students father dream of marrying Ms. MaCabe The story of “The Stoat” begins and ends with death. In the beginning of the story we read about a rabbit’s jugular vein being cut by a stoat. The stoat is stalking the rabbit to kill him and drink his blood. The student is playing golf in the grass when he hears a cry and runs to see a rabbit trembling and bleeding. The student kills the rabbit in one stroke. We do not know whether he was trying to ease the pain of the rabbit and killed him or he did it just for…show more content…
The student even felt disturbed when he would see his father holding hands with Miss McCabe but he did not show any disapproval because it was his father’s dream to marry Miss McCabe. Miss McCabe would go for a hot bath and a massage, every afternoon because she was suffering from Arthritis. One evening, a uniformed bellman came from the hotel to tell that Miss McCabe had suffered a heart attack in the salt baths. He also said that the doctors have seen her and she is resting in her hotel room and wished to see the studet’s father. The student’s father goes to see her but comes back very agitated. Miss McCabe is still dreaming to marry him and her head is full of plans while the student’s father does not want to marry her anymore because he fears that she is going to die soon. The father decides to abandon her and packs everything and asks his son to leave with him. But the son wants to leave the next day to his uncle in Dublin. The story ends with the death of the student’s father and Miss McCabe dream of marrying each
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