The Stone Age

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Prehistory that Shaped Today The Stone Age was the millennium of the modern world. The Neolithic and the Paleolithic eras consists of many comparisons within entities regarding the usage of stone tools, the development of art paintings, and the differences in physical geography that has shaped the world today. The usage of stone tools began two million years ago with stone chipping. With stone chipping the early humans, or also known as Homo sapiens wanted to find a way to persist. The Homo sapiens discovered that by chipping the edge of a large stone or a large pebble made a sharp edge. These chipped stone tools were often use for defense, hunting animals, or cutting. Also other tools were made out of bone, ivory, and antlers…show more content…
The Stone Hedge is a cluster of stones put together in a circle. People come from all over the world; many have described as “… was a very moving and unforgettable experience” (M. Cascone). As the art was part of life physical geography was the way Homo sapiens defined themselves to have walked the Earth long before us. In the Neolithic era the climate in the north was very cold. As the cold was an everyday thing to the Neanderthals, many had to learn to build shelter to keep warm in the cold. The Neanderthals that lived in the Neolithic era built hut or homes out of mud bricks, which shows how the early humans developed a little more knowledge. The mud bricks provided an instillation to the hut for warmth when they lit a fire in their house. The location had to correspond with what the Neanderthals would wear. The Paleolithic era after the glaciation was very warm, the houses compared to the Neolithic era, is the homes in Paleolithic era were made out of mammoth bones covered with animal pelts, such as cattle and bison. Physical geography played a big part in the Paleolithic and the Neolithic eras. The location also had to do with the food supply for hunting and gathering, and food to be hunted for eating. Some animals became scarce to the Neanderthals. In the north cows were very scarce because the cows would die of frost bite or being famished, due to the lack of grass and other resources. The Neanderthals ate mostly

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