The Stone Angel by Margaret Laurence

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In her novel The Stone Angel, Margaret Laurence uses the stone angel monument to embody the qualities of Hagar . Over the course of the novel, Hagar reflects back on the memories that have made up her life. Hagar's loneliness and depression are self induced and brought on by her pride, lack of emotion, stubbornness and the ignorance which she has towards anyone's opinion but her own. The qualities of Hagar are identical with those possessed by the stone angel monument and paralleled by Laurence many times throughout the novel. The angel was certainly not a suitable statue to mark the death of Mrs. Currie as it was uncharacteristic of her. The statue of the angel is a more fitting representation of Hagar's father Jason Currie and hence…show more content…
When her son John dies she does not weep, almost as if she was made of stone. "The night my son died I was transformed to stone and never wept at all." (Laurence 243) Hagar believed if she cried it would damage her pride and make her appear weak. She would simply not have people think that. "I wouldn't cry in front of strangers, whatever it cost me." (Laurence 242) Hagar makes love to Bram and never lets him know that she enjoyed it. "He never knew. I never let him know. I never spoke aloud, and I made certain the trembling was all inner." (Laurence 81) She could never allow others to know how she felt. Hagar remained emotionless throughout her life. When Bram dies Hagar does not even dare to shed a tear. "But when we'd bury Bram and come home again and lighted lamps for the evening, it was John who cried, not I." (Laurence 184) In many ways Hagar's passionless life was identical to that of the Angel; it never shed a tear, rarely did she. Her inability to express emotion led to her relentless ignorance of others and their opinions. Hagar Shipley is a very stubborn woman at the age of ninety. She is very set in her ways, and does not appreciate being told what to do. The most prominent sign of this stubbornness is when Hagar is brought to Silverthreads nursing home to view this location. Upon this discovery Hagar attempts to run away, only to find herself lost in a forest. The
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