The Stonewall Riots And Lgbt Movements

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Minorities have always been underrepresented by every media outlet, whether that be film, literature, pop culture, etc., and that furthers stereotypes. Something that has always and will continue to be a device of discord in human nature is that of wanting to be heard, no matter how disastrous that might become. This has been shown by multiple events throughout the entire Gay Rights movement, most notably the birth of the movement which are, the Stonewall Riots, “These riots were highly influential to establishing a foothold, however it was a peaceful protest, despite the name. Stonewall Riots was the forerunner for LGBT movements and begin gay rights groups June 28, 1969, In the early hours of June 28, 1969, a group of gay customers at a…show more content…
Johnson wrote: “In 1950 many politicians, journalists, and citizens thought that homosexuals posed more of a threat to national security than Communists…. By November… the “purge of the perverts” resulted in the dismissal of nearly six hundred federal servants. In the state Department alone, security officials boasted that on average they were firing one homesexual per day, more than double the rate of those suspected of political disloyalty.” (Eaklor 87) tells of how this mentality affected the heteronormative society of a war torn world and how that brought about the genocide of federal, minority employees. As seen in the text above, homosexual individuals were seen as worse than their heterosexual counterparts because they were thought to be destroying the American way of life as well as, traditional values given by the society brought about by conservative, warmonger-esque tendencies. Therefore, they were banned from federal employment which, made it difficult to find other work because of the severity of losing federal work. The next major event was the birth of the movement, The Stonewall Riots, which was the mother of all LGBT-themed associates and groups. There have been a large number of eyewitness accounts, articles and stories of how the riot began and ended, as well as what it immediately brought about. People began to start doing “radical” acts, one man decided to begin writing his college papers in terms of having a prominent gay
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