The Stonewall Riots And The Lgbt Community

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The LGBTQ community has struggled for decades to receive equal treatment but despite many advancements, this group of people is still not treated justly. The prevalent discrimination and prejudice enacted against the LGBTQ community can be witnessed on accounts of the Stonewall Riots and laws that affect the community such as not allowing gay men to donate blood, sexual orientation in connection to the military, et cetera. The gay rights movement has united to eradicate these issues through support of the LBGTQ community and to help people understand the process, timing, advantages, dangers, and pitfalls of coming out, as well as recent local and international rulings of the Supreme Court on same-sex marriage and the methods, laws, and attitudes of having children. Hate crimes amongst the LGBTQ community have been a product stemmed from prejudices for centuries. The Stonewall Riots were the true catalyst of the Gay Rights Movement, and without it, many laws that affect LGBTQs would still be enforced. The Stonewall Riots were a congregation of events that garnered much attention during the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. As many people were fighting for equality for African-Americans and an end to racial segregation, LGBTQ people were inspired “throughout the country to organize in support of gay rights” (2). The Stonewall Riots erupted at a well-known bar, Stonewall Inn, in Greenwich Village as police were wrongfully discriminating against and harassing crowds.
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