The Stonewall Riots And The Lgbt Rights Movement Into Motion

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The history of LGBTQ+ Rights is, as any other civil rights movement, is a complex one. For decades these marginalized people have fought for their basic human rights not only to get married, but also to be protected in the workplace and use the restrooms in which they feel comfortable. Throughout much of history, they have been dehumanized and referred to as sexual deviants. The Stonewall Riots put the LGBTQ+ Rights Movement into motion. The photo being analyzed today was taken one year later on June 28, 1970, at what is now known as the first ever Gay Pride Parade. The photo is owned by gettyimages, though the watermark suggests that it belongs to a man named Fred W. McDarrah. The photo depicts an unnamed lesbian holding a sign which says…show more content…
Stereotypes place people in boxes. These boxes tend to harm others, especially marginalized groups. Those who adhere to a preconceived standard are often ridiculed, and those who do not face a certain degree of hostility from both those within the group and those outside of it. The way this woman is dressed is important, because her femininity defies stereotypes about gay women. In a time where LGBTQ+ people were finally proclaiming their identities, this would have been very important.
Let us return to the photo itself for a moment. Figures stand on either side of and behind the woman. Those behind her are interestingly blocked off by a barricade. One begins to wonder if they are onlookers or fellow protesters. The barricade in and of itself is symbolic. Barricades hold people back. Societal values hold people back. The woman, though, is on the opposite side of the barricade. She holds the sign which boldly testifies to her sexuality and her beauty, no longer letting the barricade hold her back. In a time when homosexuality was seen as a mental illness, this could have been argued as the woman not letting the police holding her back.
It is imperative to remember how LGBTQ+ people have been seen in society, in this case. Unfortunately, many people see it as being dirty and unnatural. By stepping over the barricade, the photographed woman loudly proclaims that she does not care about what society believes about her sexuality. She is a woman

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