The Stories Like Fairy Tales

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The tradition of stories has been pass down to families for centuries and the sequence never stops from wiping out. Stories like fairy tales has brought in a new element in the world that involves creating a completely new world of imagination for everyone. Nowadays, these tales manipulated by popular studios has risen to make the plot more appealing to everyone with a happy ending twist. Not all have a happy plot. Writers such as the Grimm’s have made tales that brings out a darker side of the story. One tale known as the “Little Red Riding Hood” is a great example on bringing it down to the exact beginning. This is about a girl in a red coat with a hood off to deliver some food to her sick Granny’s house. She then came across a wolf that apparently went off to the house that little red was heading. The wolf eventually gobbles up Granny and waits for little red to arrive. The relations of how culture, religion, and society can cause changes to the details of these tales. By discovering the true origin of “Little Red Riding Hood”. Will begin on whether this tale has any effects on the exploration in religion. As well as any other influence that might have changed how the true tale has changed.
Firstly, the “Little Red Riding Hood” has had many versions out in public. Only one can be the foundation of the whole tale. Each stories has its own imagination to the idea of the plot from different authors. Such as Charles Perrault to Grimm’s brothers to Andrew Lang. It proposed
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