The Stories Two Sisters Written By Ama Ata Aidoo And Married

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The stories Two Sisters written by Ama Ata Aidoo and Married Life written by Pandita Ramabai illustrate similar yet different aspects of the female characters within their stories. Throughout the history, whether it is fictional or nonfiction tales, majority of the time women is the character that not only inferior to a male figure but also receive the most critiques for their decisions as well as behaviors. The compare and contrast between the two stories allows readers to view women’s freedom, the injustice that comes along with being a woman and consider if social norms should dictate how women live their lives. Freedom is a topic that pertains to both Two Sisters and Married Life, the contrast when it comes to freedom differ…show more content…
In Two Sisters, readers are bound to criticize the women in the story more than the men. The pressure of judgements fall upon Mercy more than any other characters within the story. She is portrayed as a person who sells herself for money by the way she uses men, which results in her lack of independency and utilizes herself as a form of business transaction. Additionally, Connie might be predicted as foolish due to her inability to leave her husband whom she has reliable information of him cheating on her, “I love James, and I am not interested in any other man … Well, I am sorry but it’s how the good God created me” (Aidoo, 997). People might be quick to blame the women for their thinking, yet readers forget that the men Mercy and Connie involve themselves with are not the ideal type either. Mercy, who is unmarried involves herself with an older man for his money is viewed as sinful rather than a man who is married yet allows himself to be with multiple women. On the contrary, if Aidoo were to flip the script and reverse the roles of Mercy and Mensar Arthur, the result might include a different reaction. The men from India do receive constraints if he were to be poor since he is unable to afford to get married at a young age and that results to be a shameful act of not being married after twenty to twenty-five years of age. Nonetheless, boys in India do receive more privilege than girls. In the beginning, boys and girls are not given the choice to choose their

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