The Storm And The Story Of An Hour

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The point of view that a story is being told can have a major effect on the amount of information the readers/listeners are given causing the event to be misinterpreted. Similarly, The Storm and The Story of an Hour both written by Kate Chopin, are intriguing because both short stories are narrated in third person point of view which helps the readers understand all the characters’ point of views this also allows Kate Chopin to tell a full story that isn’t limited to a protagonists’ point of view. Point of view contributes to the story’s overall meaning because the information given to the reader can be from either one character or all the characters which determines the amount of information given. Using third person omniscient to narrate a novel is more effective because the narrator allows the reader to know every feeling, thought, objective, and action of all the characters rather than one character. Third person omniscient is used perfectly throughout The Storm. The point of view used contributes to the story’s overall meaning out of the five sections that the story is broken into. Each section begins with a different characters ' point of view. From the beginning to the end of the story one gains a sense of the feeling portrayed throughout the story:
Oh! she remembered; for in Assumption he had kissed her and kissed and kissed her; until his senses would well nigh fail, and to save her he would resort to a desperate flight. If she was not an immaculate dove in those
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