The Storm By Kate Chopin Essay

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Kate Chopin was an American author who wrote the short story “The Storm”. It takes place somewhere down in Louisiana at a general store and at the house of Calixta, Bobinot who is the wife of Calixta, and their son Bibi. The other character in the story is the friend of Calixta, Alcee Laballiere. The story begins with Bobinot and Bibi in the general store to buy a can of shrimp; meanwhile, at home, Calixta is at home doing chores when a storm develops, which makes her worry about Bobinot and Bibi arriving home safely. As Calixta’s friend arrives to talk with her, but the friend has an intimate thought about her from their earlier years. He then starts to flirt with Calixta, which leads to passionate lovemaking. She then realizes from their love affair that it is ok to be open sexually and freely. Some scholars believe that “The Storm” invokes many daring and passionate sex qualities, while others say it is politically incorrect for the time period. However, I will argue that “The Storm” outlines Kate Chopin’s life, both through her amour and through the location and time. I will do this by writing from a biographical criticism perspective along with analyzing what other scholars said about the story and whether it strengthens or enfeebles my belief. First, to elaborate from a biographical point of view The Cambridge Companion To Kate Chopin, specifically, Emily Toth; a professor of English in women’s studies, who goes into detail about Kate Chopin’s life: Kate had

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