The Storm By Kate Chopin

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“The Storm” by Kate Chopin was written in 1899 but was not published until several years later. She understood how daring her piece was and never shared “The Storm” with anyone. Chopin was born in 1851 to a wealthy father and an aristocratic mother. At the age of nineteen, she married and moved to Louisiana with her husband, Oscar. Chopin is known for writing realistic but sexually rich literature. Her short story “The Storm” conveys sex as a joyous part of her life and not a destructive one. “The Storm” takes place in Louisiana at the home of Calixta and the store Friedheimer during the 1900’s. The protagonist Calixta is a married woman with a son named Bibi. She seems to be a stay at home mother who receives helps only a few days a week by a woman named Sylvie. At home, she works hard to keep the house clean and orderly. Calixta is a pretty woman who loves her husband, but there is something that she feels is missing from their relationship. However, she does not realize this void until Alcee comes along. The conflict in “The Storm” centers around the relationship between Calixta and Alcée. The most obvious conflict is when Calixta cheats on Bobinot with Alcée. Although, I feel this conflict goes a bit deeper. I feel the real conflict in the story is the succumbing to sexual desires and how it affect their marriages. Should the two keep their secret affair to themselves? Should the two divorce their spouses and be together in a relationship? Can they live with the
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