The Storm By Kate Chopin

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Do you know that stormy weather that makes you want to get comfortable? In this story, the main character, Calixta, is interrelated with the setting of the story, “The Storm” by Kate Chopin. In “The Storm”, setting plays the role as a catalyst that ignites Alcee’s and Calixta’s passion that then runs parallel with the storm. As their relationship builds together, Calixta’s natural desires become fulfilled; which without an outlet on the ability to express our emotions and natural desires, conflicts and storms result in our lives. In the beginning of the story, Calixta is very much into her “mom” and “wife” roles; house chores, laundry, and sewing. As a wife and mom, she has a role that not only her son and husband expect, but society expects as well. Calixta is expected to take care of her family around the house; and if something in her nature goes bad, others become worried. For example, towards the end of the story, Bobinot and Bibi are “trudging” home. “Bobinot and Bibi, trudging home, stopped without at the cistern to make themselves presentable. ‘My! Bibi, w’at will yo’ mama say! You ought to be ashame’. You oughtn’ put on those good pants. Look at ‘em! An’ that mud on yo’ collar! How you got that mud on yo’ collar, Bibi? I never saw such a boy’” (Chopin 125-126). After analyzing this piece of text, it shows how Calixta may act when she sees them walk into the door, dirty as they were. “W’at will yo’ mama say!”, shows how she takes her “mom” and “wife” role

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