The Storm Eased

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The storm eased. Clouds parted and allowed the golden rays of a Camelotian sunset to fill the room. Taran and Veerah separated, but held hands, patiently waiting for Alis to check over their babies. Meanwhile, Siti, Cait, and Asla offered hugs, kisses, and congratulations, then wandered out to tell the men the good news. “Your babies are lovely,” said Alis, carrying over the first bundled baby and resting the child against Veerah’s chest. “This is your son. I’ll bring over your daughter for Taran.” Gods, Taran had never experienced such excitement in his whole life. His blood burned with wanting to hold his children, to run down the castle corridors and show them off, all while bragging about how wonderful and beautiful his wife was, how…show more content…
This tiny being had come into Taran’s life perhaps a half hour ago, and he could never imagine being parted from her. As Alis offered more instruction, Taran and Veerah swapped babies. Now he held his son, Leo, who looked just like his sister, except with slightly less roundness to his cheeks. Leo let out a grunt and opened his eyes. They were blue, Taran’s deep blue, and Taran did not bother to check his tears of love. “Did you hear all that?” asked Alis, a soft smile on her face. “Not a word,” Taran confessed. Veerah chuckled. “Don’t worry, Alis. I’ll relay anything he needs to know. I appreciate your knowledge about twins, as I have little.” “I’ve only delivered one other set of twins, so much I what I know is anecdotal…” The women kept chatting, and Taran shifted Leo into his left arm, then motioned for Veerah to hand over their daughter. He held both his children, gazing at their beautiful faces, relishing in the warm afterglow of new fatherhood. Taran, cradling his babies, was at peace, and would remain so as long as his children stayed happy and healthy. And he would do everything in his power to see that happened. XXXX “Tell us again how you cursed at Taran during the delivery, Veerah,” said Bili, slapping his thigh and laughing. He, the rest of the men, the women, Taran, Ilene, and Llacheu sat on the floor in the men’s chamber in a circle. Veerah sat among them, on a cushion, cradling Leon while Taran held Caylah. Night had fallen, and Veerah
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