The Storm Essay

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Marriage is a tradition that was passed down through human history for over five thousand years now. The traditional marriage involves a man and a woman who love and support each other, although in today society it might not be the case. Generally, in traditional marriage, the woman and the man will hold loyalty towards one another because they have a relationship that was established upon trust and bond. Adultery and premarital sex were not existed in that age. However, what we see on the news everyday was a totally different story. The question becomes what leads women to commit adultery and what did they get out of it. In “The Storm” by Chopin, the marriage between Bobinot and Calixta was both successful and unsuccessful. Bobinot was…show more content…
The release of repression on their feelings was immense that they were not able to control themselves as they wanted each other for sex in the past. It was not until the moment that he kissed her on the lips, they began having sex. Calixta commits adultery because “the generous abundance of her passion, without a guile or trickery.” (Chopin 101). Her passion has overcome her rationality. Undoubtedly, she was genuine and honest in her passion for her husband and son but this passion ends with the departure of her husband and son. By sleeping with Alcee, Calixta feel fulfilled and satisfied “Calixta watched Alcee ride away… as she lifted her pretty chin in the air and laughed aloud.” (Chopin 102). She was not ashamed of what she did; in fact she was happy that she has fulfilled her wish that has been lasted for many years. In “No Name Women” by Hong Kingston, it was a different situation b/c the husband of the writer’s aunt has left for America long time before she committed adultery. She was trying to impress the man that she met in town. “To sustain her being in love, she often worked at herself in the mirror, guessing at the colors and shapes that would interest him,” “When she told the man, “I think I’m pregnant.” He organized the raid against her (Kingston 225). She obeyed his order despite the fact that he terrified her; she always did what she was told (Kingston 224). Adultery was extravagant (Kingston 224) because in Chinese
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