The Storm Surge Of The Hurricane

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Whoosh! Snap! Help me! Hurricanes are natural disasters that are treacherous and lethal to the living things on this planet. The term hurricane refers to “cyclones” over the Atlantic Ocean, or the eastern Pacific Ocean (Ouellette 8). They are formed out over the sea, and they can bring high walls of water towards the inland, which is generally alluded to as a storm surge. A storm surge is a humongous wall of ocean water which can be as tall as 20 feet, or 6 meters, high, or even taller at times (Ouellette 8). “The storm is spiraling around a tight center or “eye” around which rains pour and winds gust at up to 199 mph.”(Gallagher 81). Circling the outside of the “eye” of the hurricane, are the gigantic clouds that make up most of the…show more content…
A category three hurricane has winds from 111-129 mph. A category four Daggupati 2 hurricane has winds from 130-156 mph. Lastly, a category five hurricane has winds from 157 mph or higher (NOAA pars.1-5). On August 27th, Hurricane Katrina jumped from a category one hurricane to a category three hurricane. After intensifying again, by the morning of August 28th, Hurricane Katrina was named as a category five hurricane with winds gusting at 175 mph (Ouellette 28). Meteorologists changed their thoughts on how they rated Hurricane Katrina throughout its intensification process, because Hurricane Katrina was gaining more power from the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore, extreme hurricanes like Hurricane Katrina can have a major impact on the history of the United States, and the citizens of the U.S. Hurricane Katrina was a significant event in American history because, it changed how the government and the people plan ahead for upcoming natural disasters, it changed how the lives of people who lost their loved ones and/or lost many of their houses/belongings, and it changed the world of science. Hurricane Katrina changed the futuristic plans of the people and the government for upcoming natural disasters. Before Hurricane Katrina, people used to just buy things from the store, and keep a big stock of those necessary items, such as clothing, batteries, food, and water, in their houses, so they are somewhat prepared.
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