The Stormchasers

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The Stormchasers

There is nothing better than playing around with your father for a whole day. At least that’s how many younger kids would say. The text “The Stormchasers” (2007) is a short story written by Adam Marek. It’s about a father and his son watching the stormy weather outside, when the father thinks they should go out looking for tornadoes. Jakey (his son) is afraid of tornadoes, so it’s comforting that his father will go with him. Jakey’s mum is ill, or at least that’s what Jakey believes, so she is in bed. But during the storm chase, something goes wrong with the mum and when the father and Jakey comes back, their house have been hit by a storm, or what seems to be a storm atleast. The topic is about a father and his son
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She is ill in some kind of way that Jakey can’t know about it so they prefer to lie to him about. Her and the father have been visiting the hospital, but clearly not to get teeth pulled out, so why is it?
No signs during the text really indicate on a specific illness like cancer or something else, but everyone knows that you don’t visit the hospital for fun. So the mum is in some sort of way ill, but we are not informed with which disease. Maybe is Jakey too young to understand what’s wrong. The son and the father seem to have a wonderful relationship. The son is very fond of tornadoes and stormy weather, and his father even calls him an expert of his age. “Among six-years-olds is he an expert” (page 10, line 18). They have spent a lot of time watching documentaries about tornadoes since he was very young. But in the text they go out for tornado-hunting, because the father wants to show Jakey that there’s no danger because tornadoes doesn’t exist in countries like England. But they have a great time, driving around, it seems. The father also states in line 22, page 13 “I come off the motorway and go round the roundabout three times – our game when mum’s not in the car”. The father and Jakey are having way more fun without mom than with mom it seems. That could be a reason to the mother was ill, or seemed mad, because she feels that Jakey is favoring the father over her. Maybe she feels that the father tries way too hard to get Jakeys attention, so she feels

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