The Storu- Animal Farm

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The author of the story George Orwell attempts to describe the events of the communist Russia and the bloody Revolutions through the characters of the Animal Farm. The novel introduces the story of a an animal farm which is being used to destroy the living of the animals by competing for the power in the governance of the farm which leaves the farm shattered in the end. It also depicts that how democracies are being detracted while autocracy and tyranny takes its place in the society to corrode the democratic systems. The allegorical characters of Napoleon and Snowball stand in replacement of Stalin and Trotsky, Boxer represents the common working class in the communist Soviet Union and the character of Old Major is the depiction of Marx. All these allegorical descriptions are being analyzed in the paper. The story in a disguise reveals the international relations and world politics at the time of communism. The paper aims to analyze the novel from the political perspective while taking into account the prospective of Boxer, overview of the entire system and the perspective of the common people.
Orwell was born in 1903 to British migrants in Bengal, India; he received his learning and education at an arrangement of private schools, incorporating Eton, England’s elite school. His frightful encounters with social elitism and gaudiness at Eton, and his close commonality with the…

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