The Story Behind The Great Gatsby Essay

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The Story Behind The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald is a novel that eloquently summarizes what the entire American society represents through Fitzgerald’s view. This novel develops its story in New York, at a time when the jazz age was at its peak. The roaring twenties, the era of glamour, infringed prohibition, conflict, growth and prosperity. The main concern in that age was materialism, sex, booze, and entertainment. The American Dream was the idea that anything, especially success, was possible through hard work and determination no matter where the individual comes from. On the other hand, in Fitzgerald’s perspective, he was aware of the falsity of the values in the American society; and also he was…show more content…
Although Carraway stated multiple times through the novel that he has lived according to his father’s advice, this phrase is itself a lie because technically Carraway criticizes everybody throughout the novel. Consequently, this arises from the beginning a continuing dilemma of the old theme: to be and to appear. However, Nick’s subjective assessment is brilliant, because the novel involves a series of oppositions between those seeking to safeguard their point of view, return it neutral, and the character who becomes drawn into that world. On the other hand, it is time to look at Gatsby, the character that has the given entitlement of “great”. Gatsby, the idealist man with incorruptible dreams, the enthusiast that has created a new identity to leave his marginal status and become a man of the new riches with the sole purpose of achieving the love of Daisy, the woman of his dreams. As it is known, Jay Gatsby is a character to which Fitzgerald created as pure example as the American dream. Fitzgerald describes feelings, intimate disasters, dreams, longings and losses through Gatsby. He simply implemented what the American society lives daily, but using Gatsby as an example of how someone can self-destruct by constantly living in a hoax, in illusion. According to Anthony Lewis from the New York

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