The Story Behind a Team's Success

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Our group performed well, and I am proud of the contribution that I made to the team's success. We began with the idea that teamwork and compromise was going to be the way that the group should run. We recognized that, inherently, there is likely to be some level of conflict within the group, especially given that there are competing ideas. We also agreed, however, that while conflict can be positive, it can also be destructive and we felt that if we were oriented towards working as a team and pushing towards solutions, this approach would defray conflict and deliver better results (Joseph, 2013). Another thing we addressed from the outset as we tried to establish a team culture was the issue of power perceptions. We knew that none within the time had formal authority, but recognized that there was experiential and referential authority within the group. We sought to be sure whose backgrounds were most useful in which areas, and design the structure of the work around that. This is because we had studied the seminal work of Behfar, Peterson & Trochim (2008), who noted that teams where people do the work in which they are expert have fewer conflicts and more easily resolved ones. Conflicts are complex, where issues in one area like dominance asymmetry will affect the likelihood of other conflict factors emerging as well (Thierry, et al, 2008) Even when setting out the objectives and the culture of the team, our dynamic allowed us to focus on a collaborative approach. None
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