The Story ECE335 week 2 assignment Essay

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The Story ECE 335 Children’s Literature Prof. Annie Zucker January 13, 2014

Story Map

The Way I Feel Author: Jannan Cain

For Preschoolers 3-5 years of age, I would use pictures from the book to help children see and associate the actual name with the feeling. I would help them understand the explicit theme of this
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When I am proud, I want to fly. When I am curious, I want to know. When I am impatient, I want to go. When I am bored, I want to play. When I am happy, I smile all day. When I am shy, I want to hide. When I'm depressed, I stay inside. When I am puzzled, I want to shrug. When I am loving, I kiss and hug.

Personal Reflection:
Feelings are an abstract concept that takes children time and experience to understand and deal with in a socially acceptable manner. These activities have served to give the children in my class the foundation and the words needed to express their feelings. I can also use this strategy to remind children that emotions are okay, that words have power, and they now have the words.

Young children need to understand that feelings are a part of life for all human beings. Caregivers are responsible to help children understand that their feelings are valid and very okay to have. Sometimes we give children mixed messages regarding this abstract concept for example if a child is fussy or crying we will say “be quiet there’s nothing wrong with you” when they may be tired or hungry. Sometimes we have to explain to children that you cried to get what you wanted when you were a baby because you did not have words; now that you know how to talk, you can use words to tell people what you need. The objectives of this lesson plan are to introduce children to the vocabulary associated with the feelings they have

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