The Story Hard Times by Charles Dickens

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The books time period takes place in the Victorian era and is located in an industrial London at a town known as coke town. The story follows an assortment of characters that have impact and heavily support the purpose of the story, that revolves around the Gradgrind family. The story contains many hidden meanings, symbolism, and ideas that truly make the readers think. The names of each of the books resemble the theme of that book, and the books all unique in there own way truly tell their own story.
The first book of the story hard times is The sowing. Already the reader is faced with not only the theme but also the hidden meaning. The sowing means many things but in the story it truly represents the actions and ideas done by many of the characters. For example the main character Thomas gradgrinds goal is to not only raise a family based on fact and logic without imagination, but to also teach it to children aswell. Now from that the reader can put two and to together. Thomas Gradgrind wants to sew fact and logic in to minds of the young. The second book is named the reaping. The title of this book tells and themes of the Throughout the book the reader commonly told of the living conditions in coketown witch serve as a major part of most of the themes used throughout the story. Charles Dickens describes Coke town as a dark musky boring…

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