The Story Of A Dreamer

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Before I knew it, the next summer had passed, and I found myself in the bustling streets of Diagon Alley, shopping for school supplies unfortunately, with my family. Elara and Theodore were off gaping at a shop window that was displaying the Nimbus 2000, which, I admit, was very aesthetically pleasing. My little brother, who loved to play Quidditch, stood there with both of his palms, his nose, and forehead pressed to the glass with a gigantic grin on his face. I chuckled at this, since Theo really only ever got excited over reading books about bugs and magical creatures. It was nice to see him marvelling over something else for a change. I turned away from my siblings and scanned the area, my eyes darted from shop to shop in search of…show more content…
I squinted into the darkness and found an old man who was holding a box, and was slowly moving out into the light. I took a few steps back to give him a bit more standing room. “I’ve been expecting you.” He continued, in full view now. I blinked, surprised at his sudden commentation. He knew I was coming? How did he know it was specifically me? “You have?” I asked meekly, my voice squeaked a bit in surprise which made me blush a furious red in embarrassment. The sound of his rubber-soled shoes tapping against the rocky floor snapped me out of my embarrassment and my cheeks returned to their usual pale color. He inched closer to me and smiled a toothy smile, and, as I noticed earlier, he was still carrying a dusty, brown, rectangular looking box that had a gold engraving on the top. He gingerly removed the lid of the box and his slender fingers wrapped around a long, cylindrical piece of wood, it looked like. “13” Holly wood, with a veela hair core, astounding flexibility...yes, I think this will do.” The man--who I had identified as Mr. Ollivander, the owner of the shop--said, holding the wand out to me, almost as if he was offering me money. I took it gingerly and stared at it for a moment. It felt nice in my hand; it wasn’t too light, but it wasn’t too heavy, it was smooth and pleasing to the touch, and I found myself feeling exhilarated, feeling almost as if I could take on the whole world and win.

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