The Story Of A Man Named Matthias

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This book tells the story of a man named Matthias who rose to fame through exploiting people through religion. During the rise of market society the mixing of religions brought about new struggles in society like never before. Mattias starts out in a rural town being raised,eventually though he moves out headed towards New York. Where market society is starting to thrive. He meets a girl and gets married. Has kids at builds a fortune as a skilled carpenter. After some failed business ventures he starts to turn to different religions. One after another they start to morph him. He stops working, his family life crumbles, and ends up desperate and confused in the end. Then he claims god comes to him in a vision and names him the incarnate messiah as Mettias the prophet. After this he is able to convince a small amount of people that this is true. Most importantly among them Elijah Pierson, who is a wealthy businessman. Through his funds he is able to make the kingdom of Matthias. Where many eccentric things occur and he ends up accused of murder, even though not convicted. It shows just how far religion can go. Especially with the rise of the market society where all of this began. None of this never would have happened without it. Mattias would have never ventured into the booming city because it never would have existed. He would have have stayed in his home village and lived out his days there. Through this book and the times we live in now, market society is essential to
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