The Story Of Ambition In Frankenstein

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Coy Pagliughi

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Frankenstein, A Story of Ambition

Frankenstein catches the interest of readers because it's supernatural, placed in a medieval setting, and the horrific events that take place. We see Victor Frankenstein makes this ghastly creature that goes around, and tries to fit in with the rest of society even though he has killed people before. The setting of the novel takes place in a medieval time, where things like castles, and evil lairs were present. When Victor Frankenstein made his mutant human he was determined to finally make this creature. Even though it would eventually haunt him for the rest of his life.. Instead of spending more time with friends or family he isolated himself just to study and work on his creation. He had become so engaged with his studies in natural philosophy he had completely had dropped everything he learned about the alchemists. He had spent years studying alchemists at Ingolstadt, but after just one lecture from a professor in Geneva he absolutely turned his focus. Victor wanted to do something extra so he could be remembered for his creation. Most people who want to be remembered for a cure to a disease or an extreme discovery. But not Victor Frankenstein, he wanted to be remembered for creating some monstrous humanoid. Of course this have never been done before so he knew it would take a lot of determination, and hard work to make something with a working heart out of scratch. Many would believe that this is close to impossible but the word`s of others would not stop the ambition of him discovering something extraordinary. The creature felt as if he
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Even though each character had different forms of ambition, they still gave it their best effort to help to try to obtain their
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