The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin

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Assignment 03 – Essay on “The Story of an Hour” The purpose of my essay reviewing the short story called “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin is to show how the main character, Mrs. Mallard, ranged through many emotions driven by the presumption of her husbands’ death, and the actions that followed. I have also included my assessment of how parts of the story are impacted by the time period of the story, written in the late nineteenth century, and first published in 1894. The story begins with Mrs. Mallard. She is young, but frail with a weak heart, and initially sad and in shock at the news of her husbands’ death in a fatal railroad accident, whereupon she retreats to her bedroom alone. When she enters the bedroom, she sits in a chair…show more content…
There would no longer be a “powerful will bending hers” (Chopin 477) any longer, she thought. She would be free “to live for herself,” (Chopin 477) she thought. Up to this point, she also appears to be sincere as she is attempting to process the news of her husband 's death, and the impact it will have on her life. In the last segment of this story, Mrs. Mallard relents to her sisters’ demands to open the bedroom door, and immediately acts as if she were a “goddess of Victory” (Chopin 478) for being able to process her grief so rapidly and move on with her life. She stands proud and pulls her sister close in preparation to descend the stairs and begin a new period of life without Mr. Mallard. As she descends the stairs, a noise from the front of the house is heard as a key is turned in the front door lock, and Brently Mallard appears calmly in the doorway as he would on any other day when he returned from time away doing his job with the railroad. Upon seeing the image of her once thought dead husband, she emits a loud shriek, even as the family friend attempts to hide Mr. Mallard from view. This effort proves to be in vain as it is too late to shield her. Mrs. Mallard dies on the spot. Her family, friend, and doctors that happened upon the scene, make the assumption

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