The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin Literary Analysis

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Making a literary analysis involves writing an argumentative analysis about a particular literature. The analyst is supposed to carefully read the literature and better understand the contents so as to come up with legal analysis. It requires some summary, but it is not a report about the book or the story. It is important in making the reader to understand the message in the book as well as the improvements necessary the literature. It is also important in understanding how a particular author articulates his or her ideas. The real analysis looks at the interpretation of the writer of a particular text through careful examination of the choices that the writer made within the text. The options include the author’s selection of words, his…show more content…
The disappointments then kill her hope. This story showed the oppressive nature of marriage in eighteen hundred reflects the era though does not represent it. The story shows why women detested marriage and still detest it because they view marriage as bondage. Chopin tells the story through the narrator’s voice and relating to it though she does not do it in the first person. The narrator is acutely aware that Mrs. Mallard was not in love with her husband who shows that the writer is not just an observer, but she understands the characters very well. According to paragraph fifteen, the narrator explains how Mrs. Louise Mallard did not love her husband. It is a distinct feature that the writer who is the narrator, in this case, knows more than what can the audience can observe. The narrator does not tell the readers about the real feelings of Mrs. Louise Mallard. Instead, she allows the readers to find the information for themselves from the story which is habit exhibited by most of the writers. The readers are supposed to locate the information about the feelings of Mrs. Louise Mallard from assessing her words and actions to understand the feelings of Mrs. Mallard.
In paragraph five of the story, the fact that Mrs. Louise Mallard’s husband is still alive means that she will still be held in the marriage she much detests. Repression could clearly be read from her face. Mrs. Louise Mallard knows
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