The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin

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As the title states, “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin, is a story that takes place in a very brief period of time. The story revolves around a married woman, Louise Mallard, who is troubled both mentally and physically. Several other characters are present, such as Josephine, Mr. Mallard, and Richard, but play a limited role in the story. Mrs. Mallard is used to bring about a feminist theme in a time where women were viewed as invalidated until taking a husband. This story makes an effort to show people that not all women are pleased with the role they are expected to play at this time. Some seek an independent life free from a man’s control and society’s mold. After reading this story I was left wondering if the writer was influenced to write this story by her own life experiences. The story starts off with Josephine, Louise Mallard 's sister, having to gently break her the news of her husband 's death because of her heart troubles. After learning of the sad news Mrs. Mallard reacts as one would expect and burst into tears and flees to her room. But after reaching her room realizes she has another not so normal feeling within her. She feels freedom and joy. Although she briefly tries to fight these feelings she eventually gives in to them and under her breath uttered the words “Free, free, free!”. It is then explained that even though Mr. and Mrs. Mallard didn 't have a marriage she didn 't always love him. She realizes she will able to live the life she wants to…
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