The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin

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In the short story “ The Story of an Hour”, published in 1894, author Kate Chopin writes about a wife, Mrs.Mallard, who just received the news of her husband’s passing. First, Chopin invests the readers by describing the pain and desperation that Mrs. Mallard was feeling at the instant moment that she is told by her sister, Josephine, about the railroad accident that caused the death of her husband. Next, Chopin’s character, Mrs. Mallard, develops as she becomes more aware of the benefits of this tragedy. Mrs. Mallard’s flash of happiness does not last due to the fact that her husband walks through the front door not about an hour later. Finally, Chopin ends the story with an ironic twist; moreover, Mrs. Mallard dies due to the weak conditions of her heart not being able to process all the events that inspired in her life over the course of only one hour. Chopin uses the dialogue, symbolism and irony to express the desire of independence that Mrs. Mallard has. The author is able to do so through the dialogue of the character and by also using symbolism. There are multiple instances in which indicate Mrs.Mallard’s true feelings toward her husband’s death. The most apparent one of all is Chopin’s repetitive statement of “‘Free! Body and soul free’” (129). It is the time in which Mrs. Mallard’s character develops as she becomes acquainted with the benefits of her husband’s passing. The historical background is well-suited for this sort of reaction. Mrs. Mallard was

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