The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin

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In the short story, “Story of an Hour”, Kate Chopin writes about a woman with heart trouble, Mrs. Mallard, who, in finding out about the death of her husband, Mr. Mallard, experiences some initial feelings of sadness which quickly transition into the exhilarating discovery of the idea of a newfound freedom lying in front of her. When it is later revealed that her husband is not actually dead, she realizes she will not get to taste that freedom. The devastation kills her. What Mrs. Mallard goes through in just an hour displays an example of what many women in the late nineteenth century felt, oppressed by the bindings of marriage and their inferior gender roles as housewives, and this story represents that very idea and the liberation of becoming freed from it.
Kate Chopin, originally Katherine O’Flaherty, was from St. Louis, Missouri, born to a
Creole-Irish family in the year of 1850 (Chopin 277). She was brought up by her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother after her father passed away when she was only four years old (Chopin 277). Quite studious at an early age, she attended the St. Louis Academy of the
Sacred Heart where she acquired her schooling (Chopin 277). She married Oscar Chopin when she was twenty, and they had six children together. He died twelve years later, and her mother passed in the few years following. The loss of these dear relationships falling so closely together

2 led Chopin into a dark, emotional place (Famous Auth). She was then…
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