The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin

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Throughout the short story, “The Story of an Hour”, readers are introduced to characters whose lives change drastically in the course of this writing. Through Kate Chopin’s story we can identify many different themes and examples of symbolism in her writing. Chopin’s choice of themes in this writing are no surprise due to the time frame of which this story was written. Chopin often wrote stories with of women’s rights, and is noted as one of America’s first open feminists. As this story of an ill, helpless woman finding out her husband has died tragically in a railroad accident unfolds, we can see Chopin’s themes such as freedom and independence for women becoming clear. Chopin uses symbolism to convey these feminist themes in many ways that many not be entirely clear to readers. As the story begins, readers are introduced to Mrs. Mallard. In the very first line of the story you read the Mrs. Mallard suffers from heart trouble. This fact becomes incredibly important as the story progresses. The story opens with Mrs. Mallard being told that her husband has been killed in a work related accident. Her sister, Josephine, and her husband’ s friend, Richard, have come to her home to tell her the news. They are fearful to tell her about her husband’s death because of her heart problems. They fear that she will not be able to handle the emotional distress, and will suffer because of her already feeble state. Josephine and Richard come to her home to tell her about the accident in

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