The Story Of An Hour By Kate Chopin

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Kate Chopin is a very creative author not only is she creative in her literature but also very realistic. She will help you comprehend how a person in an unhappy marriage would rather live their lives and the changes that will have to be made to be able to live that life. “Story of an hour” is one of her stories that speaks upon how it would be if her husband was to actually pass away, how everything would be so much better and how much happier she would be without him. “The storm” is a little different but not so much. The storm explains how theirs a sense of freedom that all of the character crave. Both of these stories have to do with change and freedom. In order to be happy you have to go through change and also be free from certain things and people. This is Kate Chopin’s view of finding happiness in an unsatisfied marriage.
“Story of an hour” is all about change and realistic views. She’s a wife with heart troubles who isn’t really satisfied in her marriage anymore. One day she is told that her husband passed away her whole view on life changed. People would expect a married woman to mourn the death of her husband for a long time but a little after mourning and crying she realizes that she will be widow and she would no longer have to live under her husbands will. She then refers to her new life as “The new spring life” (Chopin115). We all know that spring is a beautiful season filled with beautiful weather this means that her new life would be different but it would
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