The Story Of An Hour By Katherine Mansfield

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When one thinks of marriage, it is natural to imagine a happy couple, hand-in-hand, walking towards the sunset. Many literary pieces offer a contrasting opinion of marriage, depicting trials and tribulations, heartbreak, and unhappy endings. Katherine Mansfield 's "Bliss" and Kate Chopin 's "The Story of an Hour" offers a look into the darkness and angst that can lie within a marriage between two lovers. Both of these works depict the perspectives of the women from these unions. "Bliss" and "The Story of an Hour" explore the pain and angst that can hide beneath the surface of what appears to be a happy marriage. Katherine Mansfield 's "Bliss" takes the reader through a day in the life of Bertha Young as she prepares to host a dinner party with beloved friends. Bertha is filled with energy and "bliss- absolute bliss!- as though you 'd suddenly swallowed a bright piece of that late afternoon sun and it burned in your bosom…"(Mansfield 130). As the reader begins to read this short story, they would have no indication there was a storm brewing within Bertha 's marriage. The story continues with Bertha preparing herself for her husband 's arrival and the arrival of her guests. Particular attention is paid to one guest by the name of Pearl Fulton, who Bertha "had fallen in love with … as she always did fall in love with beautiful women with something strange about them" (Mansfield 132). Her husband "voted her dullish, and ‘cold like all blond women, with a touch, perhaps, of
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