The Story Of An Hour Isolation Essay

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Claudia Revelo Dr. Robert Meade ENGL 110 26 September 2017 Images of Confinement and Escape in “The Story of an Hour” Images of confinement and escape in “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin. Is shown all throughout the story, Mrs. Mallard felt trapped she did not seem happy at all. The feeling of freedom seemed to take over Mrs. Mallard body. Her exhaustion seems to confine her so when Mrs. Mallard heard the news about her husband. All she could think of is being alone and confining herself in a room where she can express how she truly feels. Mrs. Mallard felt tied down and exhausted from being trapped. Instead of her…show more content…
Showing that Mrs. Mallard has been dispirited showing a lot about her character. Immediately after Mrs. Mallard receives the news about her husband she races to her room where she sits in “ a comfortable, armchair”. The chair symbolizes her oppressive life she had and freedom from society’s expectations. Since it was a tradition to be married by a certain age their marriage was probably planned. So she may have been obligated to marry Bentley. Sitting in the chair and looking out the window Mrs. Mallard starts to indulge in her thoughts. An open window is also a form of her freedom. Her paying attention to the blue sky, and describing it as a blue sky, big clouds, tree tops and the smell of fresh rain. By describing all the senses imagery was also being used the image representing on how she imagined her new life without her husband. The open window is a symbol for her bright future and her husband that won 't be there anymore to change her decisions. Imagery is shown throughout the story by showing how Receiving the news of death is very strong especially to someone 's emotions. If told the wrong way it can be very harmful. Especially when finding out that they are still alive and be as powerful as the news that they 're still alive. Mrs. Mallard news of her husband’s death seemed like a positive thing for her. Showing she went through a lot and was not really a
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