The Story Of An Hour

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“The Story of an Hour” is a story that in a few pages creates commentary, emotions, and thoughts about a simple yet very important part of every civilization. It is quite amazing that a short story written over a hundred years ago is still relevant to our society today. Every successful civilization has had some form of marriage, and while this story is to many criticizing the institution of marriage, I believe that people could see this dichotomy of oppressor vs oppressed that this story tries to bring to the forefront and instead find a theme of freedom and responsibility that was not intended by the author. Since the plot is central it is imperative that it is put at the beginning. The beginning we have the man Robert who is a friend of Mr. Mallard and by proxy an assumed acquaintance of Mrs. Mallard showing up to the Mallard household. The story elaborates that Mr. mallard was dead and it is assumed that Robert told Josephine, Mrs. Mallards sister, of Mr. Mallards death and that due to Mrs. Mallards heart condition Josephine should be the one to tell Mrs. Mallard of her husband’s death. It is assumed that Josephine and Robert thought that Mrs. Mallard would react intensely to the news of Mr. Mallards death from a train accident. Mrs. Mallard wept in her sister’s arms and then went to her room in which she sat down in a chair next to a window. Next to that window she sobbed and listened to the outside world but her sobs slowly receded. The book describes how she slowly…

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